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With 42 years of experience and 29 years in business, owner Keith Rateliff and his company, Mooving Pictures, are renown in the industry of video production. With highly-skilled producers, writers, and editors, Mooving Pictures ensures client satisfaction. Rateliff and his team love meeting new people, stepping inside their world, and creating a finished product that engages their targeted audience.

Why the name ‘Mooving Pictures’?

We often get asked about the name of our company and why we chose to add an additional ‘o’ in the word ‘moving’. Below is a note from owner Keith Rateliff about the origin of the company’s name.

“You may be wondering why the company is called Mooving Pictures with an additional ‘o’ in the the word. My grandmother was a huge inspiration to me, both professionally and personally. Despite a life of abuse, turmoil, and tragedy, she forged ahead with a positive attitude, hope based in faith, and encouraging love.

When I was little, my mom read to me about ‘moo cows’. For some reason, my grandmother reminded me of a moo cow (in a very endearing way), so I coined the nickname ‘Moo’ for her. It stuck and everyone in the neighborhood began calling her Moo. When the time came to name my video production business, I wanted to honor her while also using a name that was familiar in the industry and from that thought process, ‘Mooving Pictures’ was created.”


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Mooving Pictures

Honors & Awards

We’ve been privileged to work on a wide variety of projects through the years and on occasion were recognized for our work. Below are a few of the accolades we have received:

  • 1983 American Women in Radio & Television “Child Sexual Abuse”
  • 1989 Cable ACE Award “NBA Lullaby” TBS Sports
  • 1990 National Association of Vocational Technical Education Council – “Atlanta Tech”
  • 1993 Houston Film Festival “Haznet” UPS
  • 1994 Telly Award “Haznet” UPS
  • 1995 Telly Award “Are You Sure You Really Want To Work Here?” Ford Motor Co
  • 1996 Telly Award “A Positive Place for Kids” BGCA
  • 1997 Telly Award “Enforcer Plus” Enforcer Products, Inc.
  • 1997 Telly Award “CAT Can Do” Club Atlanta Travel
  • 1999 Telly Award “Foundation for the Future” BGCA
  • 1999 Telly Award “Caller ID” ETC
  • 2002 Telly Award “The Learning Club” BGCA
  • 2002 Telly Award “CareerLaunch” BGCA
  • 2002 Telly Award “Dreaming of Heroes” BGCA
  • 2002 Aurora Award Best of Show “CareerLaunch” BGCA
  • 2002 Axiem Award “Dreaming of Heroes” BGCA
  • 2003 Telly Award “Unlicensed Cemetery: The John Wayne Gacy Murders”
  • 2003 Aurora Award “TEENSupreme” BGCA
  • 2003 Aurora Award Best of Show “Unlicensed Cemetery: The John Wayne Gacy Murders”